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Queensland Stamp Manuscript Cancellations

This is a listing of the different Queensland receiving office manuscript cancellations found on Queensland (Chalon, Sideface and Commonwealth) postage stamps. To find the receiving office you are looking for select from the alphabetical tabs above or the labels at the right

While hundreds of receiving offices existed for various lengths of time, almost all 
did not use distinctly recognisable markings. Most receiving offices followed the instructions of either not cancelling the stamp but letting the first "Official" Post Office that the mail arrived at do this, or they followed a later instruction to write the receiving offices' name on the envelope or postcard near the stamp. To see this you would need the envelope or postcard.

However, if the letter was a "local" mail, that is used in the same town / area, then
 postage stamps were to be obliterated by lines drawn diagonally across the stamps with a pen and black ink, and the name of the office and the date written on the upper left-hand corner of the letter. This is where most of the crosses, wavy lines, names and initials come from. Occasionally this was applied to mail destined for outside the local area as well.

All identifiable manuscript cancellations are therefore extremely scarce and hard to find, with the possible exceptions of Cania, Mt Larcom, Parson's Point and San Jose.

The rarity rating, given this caveat, is Scarce, for the most commonly found cancels, Rare, and then Very Rare where only 1 or two examples have been seen by me. All covers and postcards (with the possible exception of Parson's Point) are extremely rare and desirable.

Information about the receiving offices comes from Joan Frew: Queensland Post Offices 1842-1980 and Receiving Offices 1869-1927, published in 1981. 
Stampboards material can be seen at theQueensland Receiving Office Manuscript Cancels on stamps page here


Callide Receiving office, 12 km north north west of Biloela. It opened in 1889 and was elevated to a post office in December 1909
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1909 rated Very Rare

Callide manuscript cancellation rated Very Rare. Seen on Stampboards

Callide manuscript cancellation rated Very Rare. Dated 3 July 1909. Seen on Stampboards


Adavale Post office, 170 km north west of Charleville. It opened in 1881
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1884 rated Very Rare

Adavale manuscript cancellation dated 27 January 1882 rated Very Rare. Seen on Ebay. Why a manuscript cancellation exists is a mystery as the post office was operating at this time

Friday, 17 June 2016


Rockhampton Post Office, 100 km north west of Gladstone. It opened on 1 April 1858
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1860 rated Very Rare

Rockhampton manuscript cancellation and a Rockhampton datestamp dated 9 November 1960. It is not known why this cover was cancelled with a single wavy-line pen stroke, as the Rockhampton 201 ray type numeral has been seen on stamps prior to this date. Rated Very Rare. Seen at Spink Auction 12043 lot no 1143. Ex Griffiths


Springfield, Brisbane district. It is not known which receiving office in the Brisbane area was responsible for this item
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1868 rated Very Rare

Manuscript cancellation dated 29 December 1868. An entire letter from Springfield, Brisbane "via Southampton" to Scotland and redirected to Edinburgh, bearing 6d. yellow-green and "registered" (6d.) orange-yellow cancelled with manuscript pen stroke and faint "gpo" in barred roller and with faint Brisbane Registered oval datestamp in red  and rated Very Rare. Seen at Spink Auction 14015 lot no 2311


Jimna Receiving office, on the Yabba Goldfield 45 km west of Nambour. It opened on 9 September 1891 and closed around January 1909. The receiving office keeper was G. Whittington
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1907 rated Very Rare

Jimna manuscript cancellation with a Kilkoy datestamp of 7 August 1907 and a Kilkoy registered handstamp crossed out and replaced with Jimna and rated Very Rare. Seen on Ebay

North Arm

North Arm Receiving office, 13 km north of Nambour. It opened at the railway station of the same name sometime after July 1891. It was elevated to a post office in 1912/13
  • Manuscript cancellation seen in 1894 rated Very Rare

North Arm manuscript cancellation dated 25 June 1894 and rated Very Rare. Seen on Ebay

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Invicta receiving office, 22 km west of Bundaberg. The Receiving Office opened in 1897 and was elevated to a post office about March 1908. The receiving office keeper in 1897 was Edward Amos, the manager of the Buss and Others store
  • Manuscript cancellation dated 1900 rated Very Rare

Invicta manuscript cancellation dated 13 September 1900 with an indistinct numeral and rated Very Rare. Seen at Premier Postal auction no 118 lot no 1299


Kalapa receiving office, 29 km south west of Rockhampton. The Receiving Office opened at the railway station in the early 1920s and was designated a post office in late 1927
  • Manuscript cancellation dated 1932 rated Very Rare

Kalapa manuscript cancellation dated 13 September 1932 and rated Very Rare. Seen on Stampboards. This date was after the post office opened and a manuscript cancel may have been used because the datestamp cancel was lost or damaged, or perhaps the date was recorded incorrectly? The earliest recorded datestamp for this post office is 1949


Kandanga receiving office, 22 km south of Gympie. The Receiving Office opened in 1895 and was elevated to a post office in mid 1914. The receiving office keeper in 1895 was Thomas Sproule, a farmer; in 1898 Augustus Hester, a farmer and in 1900 David O'Farrell, a farmer
  • Manuscript cancellation dated 1902 rated Very Rare

Kandanga manuscript cancellation dated 29 May 1902 and rated Very Rare. Seen on Stampboards


Kenmore receiving office, 10 km south west of Brisbane. The Receiving Office opened in 1887 and was elevated to a post office in 1898. It was again reduced to a receiving office in mid 1913 and closed in 1914. The receiving office keeper in 1887 was William Stanley, a blacksmith
  • Manuscript cancellation dated 1893 - 1897 rated Very Rare

Kenmore manuscript cancellation dated 23 January 1893 with a type 2a barred numeral 18-, probably 185 (unknown post office) and rated Very Rare. Seen on Stampboards


Jimbour receiving office, 26 km north of Dalby. The post office opened in September 1882 and was reduced to a receiving office in 1900. It is not known when it was again elevated to a post office. The receiving office keeper in 1900 was William Doherty, a bookkeeper and in August 1912 Mrs Ferguson
  • Manuscript cancellation dated 1924 rated Very Rare

Jimbour manuscript cancellation dated 11 January 1924 and rated Very Rare. Seen at Phoenix Auction no 8 lot no 995